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We stopped waiting for the future of mortages and decided to build it ourselves. We’re here to make mortgages easier — for everyone

A small but mighty crew

Our teams experience spans a variety of industries. It's the reason we've been able to build an intuitive, integrated and agnostic solution.
Carly Fotia
Customer Success Manager
Muhammad Rashid
Co-Founder, CEO
Adam Hijleh
Co-Founder, CTO
Abbas Ali
Co-Founder, CPO
Petre Neytchev
Principal Engineer
Joan Gil
Engineering Team Lead
Alexis Rondon
Engineering Team Lead
Johans Cedeno
Software Developer
Aldrin Salazar
Software Developer
Jose Zacarias
Software Developer
Jacob Meleka
Software Developer
Kieryn Davison
Software Developer
Alex Nainer
Software Developer
Cameron Orr
Software Developer
Josh Cunha
Software Developer
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Just like the city we're based in, we're made up of a diverse group of individuals, all of whom bring something unique and special to the team.

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